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Meet-Up is a Mode in the GMaps which allows to plan a Meet up with your friends. It also helps to chat with your friends and be aware of your friend's location during the travel.          


Design student 
United States of America
It is hard to switch between two apps for finding the route and communicate with friends. 
Real estate consultant
It is difficult to raise a flag or ask for help while navigating.
Design student 
Gujarat, India
It is hard to identify the location sometimes because most the google photos are taken during day time.


Market Analysis

The apps available in the market for navigating are analysed based on their categories.

Wire Frames

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Style Guide

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The illustrations are made to be surreal and friendly enough. The head of the characters are made smaller in order to drag the attention to the action of the image, the lines used are wavy to give soft and a friendly look.



Chat with your friends both in the group and in private chat while navigating just one tap

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Easy to ask and do help option

One tap to ask for help, draw the route on the map to help your friend reach the destination.

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Send live pictures

Live pictures can be sent to friends to help them recognise the spot by not worrying whether the pictures available in the google about the spot is taken at day or night time. 

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Other Projects


Redesigning the home page and form to improve the number of bookings.



Some illustrations to improve the user experience.


Reimagining the Website

Improving the online presence of WielyWise with effective strategies to improve the business.

Reimagining the Website