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Reimagining WiselyWise.com

Website Redesign WiselyWise



Improving the online presence of WielyWise with effective strategies to improve the business.


3 Weeks

Reasons for Website Redesign

  • Unable to find connectivity with the website visitor once they got out of the website

  • To promote the lead magnet course more to the visitors

  • The visitor is confused in choosing the relevant courses for them

  • The website does not cater to all user persona's needs

User Research
Information Architecture
User Interface Design
Building the website

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Key Contributions

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Divi (WordPress)

Pen and Paper

Tools Used


  • To improve the number of registrations for the free course

  • To provide different experiences for various personas without overloading the information

  • To create more leads for sales and integrate the information back into CRM software and allocate directly to the sales team.

The Process


Heuristic Evaluation
The old site is evaluated to analyse the usability.


Competitor Analysis

The websites of competitors are studied carefully to understand the necessity of new features and sections.


Defining the problem statement

Choosing different user groups and writing the problem statement.


Understanding the user

To Identify and understand the needs of different user groups.



Coming up with ideas, Evaluating them and finalising one or combine a few ideas to attain the best.


Visuals and Testing

Designing a few variations in accordance with the brand, finalising one. The testing is done to tweak the changes to make the website better. 

Heuristic Evaluation

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  • No active state, No CTA before the fold, the title text exceeded out of the screen

  • The user is unable to scroll below to access other social media links

  • Low visibility of menu bar, the overlap of back to top button and chatbot

  • Inconsistent use of colours for CTA and texts

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Competitor Analysis

The features, hierarchy and various factors are studied in the competitor's sites like White Hat Junior, Codecademy, Udemy.

User Personas

Various user groups are categorized. The pain points are captured for fulfilling the user needs.
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User Journey Map

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Whiteboarding and Sketching

The sketches illustrate the thought process and ideas to solve problems.


After understanding the user needs and pain points, various ideas were introduced while brainstorming. Here is the link for miro board, where the whole process of ideation is documented in detail. 

Site Map

The information is arranged based on their hierarchy and grouped relevant information.
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There was no CTA before the fold. The user was not directed properly to attain his/her goals. Inconsistent use of colours and fonts through the website.
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The design system is made to maintain consistency throughout the website. Users are guided properly to select the required courses. The leads are generated through the free courses and allotted as leads to the sales team directly.
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Bounce Rate is reduced by 46%

Other Projects

Meet Up

Meetup is a mode in G-maps designed to allow users to plan a meetup with friends.

Meet Up


Redesigning the home page and form to improve the number of bookings.



Some illustrations to improve the user experience.